Dance Class Descriptions

Croydon Hills Baptist Church

Core classes: These classes have a focus on core dance teachniques. Juniors/Sub-Inters/Inters have a large focus on jazz and lyrical styles. Sub-Seniors and Seniors focus on jazz (different styles of jazz), lyrical and contemporary styles.

Juniors: Kinder/Prep Aged
Sub-Inters: Prep – Grade 3
Inters: Grade 4-7
Sub- Seniors: 6-7 (Invite/Inquiry) Years 8-9
Seniors: Year 9 – 12 (Invite/Inquiry)

Style Specific Classes: These classes focus on a specific dance style. NEW to 2018

Junior Ballet: Kinder/Prep
Intermediate Ballet: Grade 2-5
Acro: Sub-Inters and Inters
Intermediate Hip Hop: Grade 2-6
GLEE: Primary and lower secondary

Competition Class: This class is aimed at students who wish to compete at a state and potentially national level.

Comp Team/Solos: Grades 4 Up


Mount Evelyn Christian School (MECS)

Core Classes:

MECS Juniors/Lower Primary: Foundation – Grade 2
MECS Inters/Upper Primary: Grades 3 – 6

Description: These classes focus on core dance technique. Jazz, lyrical and basic ballet styles are incorporated.